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Welcome to Gospel Theatre Church!  A ministry that specializes in preaching and teaching the gospel through performing arts: drama, dance, rap, poetry, musical instruments, and vocals. A place where the gifts of the Spirit may use our artists to transform individuals with edifying, thought provoking, life changing messages.

Entertainment through performing arts is one of the most impacting and memorable learning formats!  It’s amazing how children, teenagers, and adults can remember a movie watched two years ago without referring to written notes and can not or will not remember last week's lecture or may only recall less than twenty percent.

Gospel Theatre Church uses performing arts to bring the word to the stage, to the heart, and to the mind, to provoke change, make lasting impressions, encourage hearts, inspire faith, while dealing with social issues, life styles, and cultures.

I feel honored to answer the call to labor in the harvest using performing arts as a tool and the Word as my foundational script to address everyday reality.  Join us, as we take the gospel to the stage!

Ebeyana Simmons
Minister of Performing Arts

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